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1. What is my figure worth?

I don't know. I'm no expert on the values of figurines - prices can vary so widely as to make no logical sense at all. To give an example: Fritz's Frog Queen. It's rather rare - I've seen it for sale exactly 3 times. Once on a website, where it sold for US$2,500. Once at a real-life auction, where it sold for EUR 1,100 (plus 15% in fees). And once on eBay, where it was listed with a reserve of US$500 about 3 times and never met the reserve, and which I purchased for $420. I really want to keep it so it's listed for sale on this page for EUR 5,000.

What's it worth? $420? $5000? This is why I hate emails asking me what something is worth!

Update! I am now receiving 20 - 30 emails a day asking me to value Rosenthal (and other factories!) figurines. I now respond with a form email directing people to this FAQ. If you really, REALLY need me to value your piece for you make a donation to my page via PayPal and I will find the time to respond.

1a. What is my figure? It's got the number 123 impressed in the base and I've attached a picture.

I will endeavour to answer such questions - I'll probably tell you that it's 2/3rds of the way down the nude page, or something like that. I assume that all pictures emailed to me can be used on my page without any further permission and will supply the usual links.

1b. Can you tell me more about my figure?

All the information I have is already on my page - I really don't have time to type up the biographical details of the designer for every email I receive! As with Question 1a, if you really must have some extra information make a donation first!

2. I want to buy a figure that's on your page.

If it's not listed on my for sale page (click here) then I don't own it and I can't sell it. I don't know where you can buy this specific piece - you can try my favourite websites (see Q. 5 in this FAQ) or you can try eBay. I have no way of knowing whether the pieces listed on this site are still for sale or not - they've usually sold at auction. If there's a link to a website then you can try there.

3. You update the page very slowly!

I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day (every day!) working on this page - searching eBay, emailing for information and permission, adding the information to my datafiles, collecting the pictures, cropping and resizing the pictures etc, etc. It's a lot of work. Updates are done when I have enough new data and the time to spare to do the update which takes a number of hours to complete.

4. Do you only look for pictures on eBay?

Yes. I don't have the time to look elsewhere as well! If you have a website with pictures I can use send me an email ( and I'll look at it and grab anything that looks useful, and give you a link. I don't have time to search the web looking for your site - I won't know about it unless you email me.

5. What are your favourite web sites?

To buy figures
Kunst Sandra by hpfeilschifter.
Petziman's figurine site.
Hoffman-Schneider's site. - Guenter Staffa's book site and Ingrid Staffa's figurines for sale. - and allied sites on cats, horses etc. Organised by breed, not manufacturer but you can search for "Rosenthal" and get over 100 hits after quite a wait.
Vienna Antiques

To buy books - Guenter Staffa's book site and Ingrid Staffa's figurines for sale.
Guenter's special Rosenthal page.
Petziman's site - the CD and other books are available here.

Private Rosenthal collections
The white and gold collections of Axel and Adele.
The collection of Niarchos.
Japanese Rosenthal human figures site.
Heidi's cat collection.

6. Can you extend your page to Hutschenreuther or Allach or Nymphenburg or Goldscheider or another porcelain manufacturer?

No, I don't have the time or the background knowledge. If you want to do one then I'm happy to share the techniques I use on this page and my setup files.

7. Have you thought about covering other Rosenthal items?

Yes, I eventually plan to cover items from the Maria dinnerware set. I do not plan to cover any other items.

8. Are you selling all of your collection?

Yes and no. I've decided that everything is replaceable with patience and money, so the items I really want to keep are priced high for 2 reasons: to stop people from buying them; and to have the money to replace the piece even if I only find an expensive one. Sometimes people buy them anyway, though!

8. Is there a sitemap or shorter index?

I don't have a sitemap as such, but I do have a short index that displays in a single screen at high screen resolutions. It was made for my own use hence the filename!