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This page is all about Rosenthal figurines, as defined by myself (so I include a number of items not normally considered figurines, such as plates with mice sitting on the edge). It consists of pictures of each figurine, as well as lists of all figurines made. I have indexed figurines both by type/category (cats, insects, butterflies, fish etc) and by designer, to make it easier to look one up.

Für die Deutsche Leser!

Below you will find various information about this site, including how to use it, when it was last updated and what problems exist with the site.

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12 October 2009 NEW SITE ADDRESS is now set up and I am working to ensure that all pages work. Once all is working I will be updating here and also sending an email to all who wished to be kept informed.


Geocities has announced that they are going to close Geocities down later this year. This site will be moved elsewhere before this occurs. If you wish to be kept informed about site moves please email me at with the subject line "Updates - Audrey's Rosenthal Page" and I will add your name to my email list and keep you informed of site moves. I will not sell your email address or use it for anything else except information about this website.

3 May 2009 Yes, I'm behind on page updates and have been for years. Sorry. Hoping to have time in July and August for a fresh update.

3 January 2005: Major page update! Many new figures have been added and many identifications from Niecol and elsewhere are also incorporated. Some figures have been reclassified to different categories. Two new categories have been created - "Colour" (for interestingly coloured/decorated pieces) and "Season".

4 June 2004: Major page update!

2 November 2003: I am now listing figures on eBay!

12 October 2003: Major page update!

9 October 2003: I've added a FAQ - I'm tired of constant emails that ask the same questions! FAQ

5 October 2003: I've received and indexed the 4th volume Niecol's book about Rosenthal. Update with lots of identifications coming soon!

Figures for sale!

My husband finally got a digital camera, so I am working on photographing all of my pieces. My philosophy is that every piece I own is offered for sale - but the ones I really want to keep are priced accordingly. So, you will see my entire collection on the for sale page. All funds raised go back into more items either for my collection or of unidentified pieces to help me identify them or take better pictures of them for the page! All prices quoted include world-wide shipping. Here's the list.

Figures are now being listed on eBay!

Help this page!

You can help in the following ways:
Donate pictures of your collection.
Donate copies of catalogues which helps me to identify all of those unidentified figures.
Help me work out how to divide the birds. In desperation I've divided the "Other Birds" page into two groups - short beaked birds and other birds. I live in Australia and know nothing about European and American birds!
Buy a figure that I have for sale on this site.
Donate money to help pay for the webspace via the PayPal link above.

Email me at if you can help.

How to use this page

I've got a frog figurine and I want to know who designed it! Open the "Category" index and open the frog page.

I want to see all the figures designed by Heidenreich! Open the Designer index and open the Heidenreich page

I want to see all Rosenthal's ducks! Open the "Category" index and open the duck page.

Did Rosenthal ever make a lizard/cicada/buddha/whatever and what did it look like? Open the "Category" index, try to figure out which page I would have put it on and look!

What on earth does figure 523 "Teasing" look like? Open the "Kunstabteilung (Art Department) figure list and picture links" page and see if there's any link to a picture or reference to a picture in a book. (Yes, I've ben through all my books and indexed all the pictures for you. I even give you the page numbers!)

I want to see all of Himmelstoss' butterflies and insects! This page isn't sophisticated enough to do something like this, which would need major CGI programming, which would have to be written (after I learn it) and then hosted on a real server and not a cheap one like Geocities which doesn't allow CGI scripts anyway. However, if you email me at I can email you a list of these figurines or make a temporary page for you.

A few statistics

This site now has pictures of 3166 figurines.

1503 different people have donated pictures to this web site.

27 eBay sellers have specifically asked that I not use their pictures on this site, for reasons including: "I'm going to write a book and I need to keep the copyright in my pictures" to "My husband is an attorney so I cannot grant your request unless you purchase the figure" to "My pieces are rare - once people see them listed at your site, they will think these are common pieces, mass-produced and not at all rare." to "Sorry, not interested". Lots of people never respond to my emails and I never know what they are thinking.

Latest Updates

The main page was last updated 3 January 2005 and all the category pages and the designer pages were last updated 3 January 2005.

Other features of this page

I've now indexed a number of books and catalogues and give you the references in the "Kunstabteilung (Art Department) figure list and picture links" page. I've done the same for the Bahnhof Selb figures.

This site is hosted on Geocities. Originally all the larger pictures were hosted on FortuneCity in a 100 MB feee account, but they now occupy about 500 MB (after using JPEG optimiserts!) so I have had no choice but to remove this part of the site. I received very few complaints about the missing pictures so I suspect that they weren't used very much.

This is a hand-made page. No special software that writes HTML has been used in the creation of this site - it's all done with NotePad. I keep the database in Excel and cut and paste from that. I also have Excel macros that semi-automatically generate the category and designer pages. One day I'd like to set it up as a proper database and write a page that accesses the database with CGI. This will make updates much simpler and allow the use of multiple fields for searching - find all horses by Fritz, for example. Before this happens this site needs to be hosted on a proper web server and I will need to learn how to write CGI code. The first part is the hard part!