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If you are interested in any of these please email me at

All prices include shipping by airmail anywhere in the world.

I accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer to bank accounts in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom or by international bank drafts drawn on an Australian bank in Australian Dollars. I also accept money orders and bank cheques in other currencies provided that you pay the $15 my bank charges me to cash these.

Figures that I want to keep are also listed here. These are mostly priced at levels where I know I can replace the piece in my collection. I know this is unfair, but I'm labelling them clearly for you! The silliness of the price will tell you how much I want to keep the piece.

Proper pictures are coming, slowly! In the meantime I have used pictures from this page, matching the pieces as best as possible. In many cases I have pictures I've taken myself, or pictures used by the seller who sold the figure to me and I've got pictures of the actual figure that's for sale. I've indicated which is which.

Figures for sale

Domestic animals - cats, dogs, horses, pigs (including boar), goats, etc.

Other animals - deer, rabbits, elephants, bears, koalas, etc

Birds including poultry

Insects - beetles, butterflies, etc.

Water animals - fish, frogs, seals and lobsters

People - angels, dancers, nudes etc.

Functional - lamps, dishes, candlesticks, vases, flower-frogs, etc.