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The Figure category index

"Wind-Hounds" - greyhounds, whippets, borzois (50 pictures)
Dachshunds (66 pictures)
German Shepherds (28 pictures)
Bulldogs and related dogs including Boxers (29 pictures)
Fox Terriers (43 pictures)
Other Terriers (80 pictures)
Poodles (18 pictures)
Toy Dogs - minature breeds (21 pictures)
Hunting dogs - pointers, spaniels etc. (46 pictures)
Other dogs (32 pictures)

Cats - domestic (74 pictures)
Cats - wild - large and small. (50 pictures)

Horses (56 pictures)
Foals and young horses (45 pictures)
Goats (35 pictures)
Farm animals - pigs, sheep, donkeys (45 pictures)

Bears (42 pictures)
Deer, stags, elk (47 pictures)
Fawns (54 pictures)
Elephants, wild and circus (44 pictures)
Foxes (34 pictures)
Monkeys (29 pictures)
Rabbits, hares, mice (69 pictures)

Frogs, with and without their princesses (35 pictures)
Sea Animals - seals, sealions, penguins (42 pictures)
Snails, both large and small (21 pictures)
Fish (49 pictures)

Grotesque, Fantastic and Unreal Animals (91 pictures)
Mickey Mouse (16 pictures)
Animal Groups (24 pictures)
Reptiles - lizards, tortoises, dragons, crocodiles (26 pictures)
Other Animals (66 pictures)
Animals with Gold Balls (64 pictures)

Ducks and Geese (65 pictures)
Chickens (43 pictures)
Other Poultry (turkey, pigeon, peacock, pheasant, guineafowl etc.) (43 pictures)
Wading birds - herons, storks, marabou, bittern etc (41 pictures)
Flamingos (13 pictures)
Other Water Birds - gulls, pelicans, swans (33 pictures)
Parrots (55 pictures)
Birds of Prey - eagles, falcons, owls (23 pictures)
Exotic Birds (27 pictures)
Birds with short beaks - finches, titmouse, sparrows etc (63 pictures)
Other Birds - Art Department (Kunstabteilung) (59 pictures)
Other Birds - Bahnhof-Selb, Selb-Plössberg etc (59 pictures)

Butterflies (73 pictures)
Other insects - dragonflies, beetles (40 pictures)

Cherubs (53 pictures)
Cherubs with Animals (51 pictures)
Diana, the goddess of the hunt, and nudes with wild animals (23 pictures)
Moors (24 pictures)
Fairy tale figurines (56 pictures)
Religious figurines - Madonna and child, Buddha, monks, temple dedications (66 pictures)
Fauns (30 pictures)
Mythological figurines (62 pictures)

Children (47 pictures)
Children with Animals (73 pictures)
Mother and Child (31 pictures)
Dancers by Gustav Oppel (44 pictures)
Dancers by Lore Friedrich-Gronau (42 pictures)
Exotic Dancers - oriental, egyptian, snake etc. (76 pictures)
Dancer Groups (34 pictures)
Male Dancers (15 pictures)
All Other Dancers (65 pictures)
Female Nudes (75 pictures)
Female Part Nudes (46 pictures)
Fashionable Ladies (and gentlemen) (73 pictures)
Lovers (62 pictures)
People in sport (51 pictures)
Performers and Singers (49 pictures)
Musicians (87 pictures)
Historical people (25 pictures)
Farmers and peasants (24 pictures)
Other People (67 pictures)
Season figures (16 pictures)

War related figures (17 pictures)
Riders of all kinds on all animals (70 pictures)
Busts of people and animals (66 pictures)
Colours - unusual glazes, porcelain colours, decorations. Does not include Stangl's crackle glaze pieces, "polished ivory" glazes or the cobalt-gold decoration. (47 pictures)
Other figurines which do not fit in any of the above. (9 pictures)

Figures with a function - dishes, inkwells, vases etc. (51 pictures)
Lamps and candlesticks (49 pictures)
Dishes and plates (45 pictures)
Flower Frogs - ie, pieces designed to hold flowers, either independently or to be stood in a shallow bowl of water (31 pictures)

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